When Virtual Learning MUTINY happens

Ever count to 5 with your kid to have them stare back at you defiantly only to wonder if you’re really fit to be in charge ? LOL

Seriously… that was the daily going ons here when I would tell my 8YO it was time to do his virtual school work.

If your house is looking like ours has through virtual learning and MUTINY is on the table I wanted to share something I started last week that has been a GAME CHANGER … see, telling our 8YO that school was his job and his actions (good or bad) had consequences was like talking to a brick wall #hedidntcare or at least he didn’t get it!


Gave him the visual — I know some classrooms have done marble jars like this and that’s where I kind of got the idea. Instead of marbles though, I went with the medium we had the most of around the house ! So we have a big jar of pompoms and a smaller jar that’s “his jar”

Every day he starts with 5 pompom balls in his jar (because I like to think we all start ahead each day and choose where to go from there, right?)

I wrote out how he can earn more pompoms and how they can be taken away; and I was VERY CLEAR — he’s 8 after all!

If he gets to zero there are repercussions and trust me he could’ve been negative pompoms if that was a thing the first couple of days. There was a definite learning curve/ period of adjustment!

But if he gets to 15 pompoms : he can pick rewards ! I had to find things that were meaningful to him for this to carry any weight/ motivation !

He came up with :

Getting to choose dinner

Family/ game time with us

Extra video game time (surprisingly he’s yet to pick this one)

Now, like I said, the first 3 days were a huge FAIL but I didn’t give up.

And this week we’ve had multiple 15 pompom days in a row, and I haven’t wasted valuable time and energy fighting all day!

Just wanted to share in case it may help in your house!

Do you have anything that’s working well that you can add? I would love more suggestions and strategies!

Published by Lindsay Fortney

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