The #last60 challenge


Imagine this: you wake up on New Years Day filled with momentum. Health is a habit you’ve already established instead of a resolution you hope will stick. The road ahead doesn’t feel overwhelming because you’re already on your way.

The LAST 60 is built on the belief that we can finish the last two months of the year stronger than we started it. 2022 was like an emotional hangover for a lot of us following a couple years none of us expected …but it’s not over yet. By committing to this journey, you have the chance to reclaim the way you say goodbye to 2022.

Let’s jump in together and reclaim the last 2 months of this year. Let’s choose to finish this radically different year, better than we started it!

Can you imagine if we spent the last 60 days with as much intention as we do the first 30 days of a new year ?

Well, that’s our plan 👆🏻👆🏻


I don’t know about you but I was tired of heading into every New Year with the goals and motivation that I PUT OFF at the end of the previous year !!

So for the #last60 I decided to create what I needed: an epic online challenge with as many women that want the same.

The women who want to feel good in family Christmas photos and their New Year’s Eve dresses instead of WAITING for the magic of the New Year to motivate them into change!!!

I’ll provide the workouts, the meal plans, fun challenges, prizes AND the support… but you have to want it and show up for YOU

This isn’t free but for anyone who is ready to invest in themselves this is the BEST deal for fitness and nutrition HANDS DOWN


The wellness challenge will run in our Beachbody on demand (BOD) groups, a private app, off of social, you can track with and you’ll have access to as a client or coach in my team! Because it will be housed in our private app, last 60 participants must be a bod member and an active client of mine or one of the women on our Inspiration tribe team.

Each weekend you’ll get a form to check in for the upcoming week, a challenge to rise to and a TON of encouragement. We’ll equip you with content and resources to stay engaged in our virtual fit club (the other resource you get beyond the tracking app). You can also expect:

• Weekly encouragement and motivation to keep you on track

• Printable downloads, trackers and worksheets

• Resources to help you complete weekly growth-minded challenges

EACH DAY you need to do these 4 habits: drink your water goal, eat 4 cups of veggies, complete 30 mins of movement, write a gratitude list of 3-5 things plus send your progress to your coach and check in with our weekly form ! 60 ish days of these simple habits will fundamentally change your habits and transform your life. And 2 months of these intentional habits will leave you heading into the holidays feeling INCREDIBLE!

These steps are how we make small, attainable actions add up to BIG results. We know that everyone is at a different stage of their journey – and that’s AH-MAZING! Find encouragement knowing that no matter where you are, there is a community committed to these things every day.

Is there a start date? How long is it?

The first half of the last 60 starts November 1st and runs for 30 days. The deadline to join is October 30th, so don’t wait! The second half will kick off December 1st and finish up December 23rd! You can be in one or both depending on your goals!


The Last 60 is set up around creating healthy habits. So you’ll be tracking your movement, veggies, water, gratitude and progress in a free App that is provided.

  • Join the LAST 60 challenge group using the BOD app (message me or your coach to get your link)
  • Track your hard work each week:
    • 30 mins of movement daily
    • Drink your water minimum each day
    • Eat 4 cups of veggies
    • Make a list of 3-5 different things you’re grateful for each day
    • Send your progress pictures each week to your coach
    • Fill out the weekly form to stay on track


I know how hard it can be to invest time and money into yourself, but healthy habits really do make everything easier throughout your life. So the idea of making an investment into yourself and your wellness is you putting your goals into ACTION. While our health is the one thing that effects everything else in our lives, we tend to overlook it. If you’re guilty of stopping at a drive through, sitting at a desk all day or saying “next Monday I start!,” then let’s change that with friends this fall.

We will help you find a workout you love, move your body daily, drink your water, eat your veggies and read something that helps you grow as a human. No crazy long workouts, no scary weigh-ins, no judgement. You can also plug into a community following the same plan you are for support, recipe ideas, and more!

You’ll also have the option of using supplements to make life easier through the health bet!

If you’re not sure on Shakeology or Energize and Recover, I highly suggest checking these out:

What is shakeology?

What is energize and recover?

Talk to your coach about what supplements you’ll want for the Last 60

This challenge is open to anyone in the US, Canada, UK and France! Cannot be working with another Beachbody coach.

Published by Lindsay Fortney

Hi and thanks for stopping by!! I'm Lindsay ... boy mom of 2 💙💙, wife for 12 years, lover of animals, sports and a hot mess girl boss just trying to enjoy life one day at a time 💜🇨🇦 I aspire to be organized -- I have grand plans on this that are mainly stuck on my Pinterest boards😂 I'm a retired realtor, certified fitness and nutrition expert and on my own journey to a happier, healthier, simplified life 💕 A couple of years ago I was 5 years into the hustle and bustle of a demanding real estate career. I was tired, carrying around an extra 50lbs (mostly in my midsection) and didn't even have the energy to play with my little boys -- when I started cropping myself out of vacation photos I knew enough was enough 🚫 Bad food choices were my thing : I celebrated with it. I comforted myself with it. I was in and out of drive thrus and missing dinners with my family because I was on the road and suddenly each season I was going up a clothing size 😔 Enter home fitness ✅ My husband works shift, I worked crazy hours and had small kids and I couldn't (and didn't want to) go to a gym or group classes -- home workouts gave me the exercise I needed without sacrificing extra time away from my husband and boys. I learned to eat real foods in proper portions 💚 I started to see what my body and my energy levels were SUPPOSED to feel like !! A journey to changing my body completely had begun. Inches lost, dress sizes down, clearer skin, control over my cravings ... food has become fuel, exercise has become something my body now craves. My anxiety levels dropped massively. My moods levelled out. My patience and energy levels with my family picked up! I've been blessed to help SO MANY women in the past 3.5 years achieve this for themselves as well - confidence, empowerment, a fire inside them is reignited as I've helped them take back the power of their own health 🙌🏻💖 Thank you for reading this far -- sharing this journey, this new found passion... it makes my eyes light up when I talk about it (and sometimes I can't stop 😂) My time, my accountability groups, and guidance are always 100% free -- so reach out and let's get you back on a path to self confidence, positivity, passion and energy-- you deserve to feel like the best version of YOU

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