How I Paid Cash For My Holiday Gifts With My Online Business

The anxiety around buying Christmas gifts for our family was through the roof every single year starting in November. Both Kristofer and I LOVE Christmas but when we first got married we had zero clue how much the expense of the holidays could add up.

We would have our annual Christmas budget meeting at the kitchen table.  We would list out every single person that we needed to buy for. Then, we would set a budget and a per person spending limit.  We would go back and forth and know that if we went OVER the budget it meant we’d be spending months paying for it once Christmas was done.

Personally, I hated it!  I hated the whole thing!  Gift giving is my love language and I don’t just want to give ANY gift.  I want to give a gift that I know the other person really wants.  I want to give gifts that I know will bring joy and I really hated that I had to purchase a gift based only on whether or not it was in the “budget”.

Every year I would over spend and on Christmas morning as the boys would open their gifts, I could see that Kristofer was trying HARD to enjoy the moment but he was already seeing the dollar signs in his mind.  He was thinking about how we were going to pay off the balance of those credit cards. What was our favourite time of year ended up being a big stressor for months later in our marriage.

But this sort of thing changed the year I decided to start my business with Beachbody!

It was 2015 and I was a customer of Beachbody.  I was using the at home workout programs, I was following the nutrition plan and I was involved in the online support groups.  I was seeing incredible results and I was telling everyone who asked me how I lost the weight about what I was doing!  I was a natural advocate since it was working so well for me and I felt better than I ever had!

My mentor asked me if I had ever considered coaching before!  I remember shrugging her off and saying, “I could never do what you do!!!”

But my mentor pursued the idea of me coaching more and more! She shared all the ways that I would be amazing as a coach and I actually allowed myself to dream a little bit about it – the idea of having a little online community of my own and paying how great I felt FORWARD sounded pretty darn good.

So I signed up to be a Coach with Team Beachbody!!!  As a mom of 2 small boys (ages 2 and 5) I figured that I was willing to give this business a shot and add it into the mix in our crazy life where I was already a realtor and my husband worked shift work! The plan was to use this business to help with some extra spending money, to help me stay accountable to my goals and to support my new health and wellness interests.

One of the first goals I set as a coach was to earn $500 in commissions over the holidays to pay for our gifts.

$500 in commissions over 5 weeks felt doable and like it would be a big help –the best part is that I actually ended up earning more than that during those 5 weeks!!!

Let me walk you through the ways that you can do it too!

  1.  Create a crystal clear vision of what earning that dollar amount means to you.  Creating a crystal clear vision means that you close your eyes and visualize the goal being achieved. What will you do with that money?  Who/what will you spend it on? How will your life be better because you accomplish this goal?  Who will this income impact? For me, I visualized waking up on Christmas morning in our matching pajamas.  The boys walking down the stairs to their Christmas gifts under the tree.  I visualized the boys ripping into their presents with so much joy and excitement.  Then, I felt it!  I felt no stress, just pure joy!  No anxiety around the money we had spent because it was all paid for.

It’s your turn, take time to write this out for your life.

2. Make a list of how you are going to get to the goal.  What products/services are you going to highlight?  Who can you help? Who has ever asked you about health/fitness/nutrition before?  Do you have your own personal story to share?  What are some of your favourite Beachbody workouts and supplements?  Maybe you even want to get started with your own journey as well! One of the things that I teach in my 1:1 private coaching is how to reverse engineer a goal.  I teach you how to actually back yourself into the income you want by creating a specific strategy just for you. Beachbody has a ton of great product/program options.  You don’t have to promote them all.  But you should choose one that really speaks to who you are as a person and what your interests are. Then, we can create a VIP group, we can create social media content and begin to invite others to join in.

3. Set aside time in your day to build your business.  As a new business owner I always suggest at least 2 hours a day to devote to your business. Those 2 hours don’t have to be continuous but you do need to plan that time into your day.  If you do not make your business a priority, it will just be something falls to the wayside. I use the time blocking tracker to plan my entire life.  I put my Beachbody coaching business hours into the calendar just like I would any other commitment. During that time, I do the vital behaviours of inviting, following up, creating connections and new friends and creating my social content that builds my know like and trust factor!

4. I teach ALL of these steps in my 1:1 private mentorship with my new team members.  If you are interested in learning more about joining my team and getting started in my November 28th new coach mentorship, complete the application here for more info. I’m interested in more information

5. Be focused on the output more than the outcome!  When it comes to creating success as a coach, you have to be really focused on your daily action steps.  That is one of the things I teach in my mentorship is what activities actually produce income.I had to learn right from the start that inviting is a huge part of what I do!  People don’t just flock to you immediately when you say you are open for business.I had to invite others, I had to also be INVITING!  I had to create Facebook/Instagram posts that really positioned myself as the GO TO GIRL for health and fitness!  But, I also wasn’t 100% at my own goal weight yet.  So, I just shared what was working as I learned.  I wasn’t perfect, but that is actually what people resonated with the most. That imperfect action made all the difference in the world.

6. Participate in team sales!  The last suggestion I have for you to earn that CASH FOR CHRISTMAS is to take advantage of team sales and company promotions.  The best thing I did as a new coach was host flash sales and promotions for my first time buyers and repeat loyal customers. Everyone loves a good SALE and during the holidays, giving the gift of health and fitness makes everyone better!!!

I am proud to say that because of my own gritty determination, I was able to contribute to having a very MERRY HOLIDAY that year!

And now I get to pay it forward and help others do the same!!!!

I have 3 spots left in my November 28th new coach mentorship and I would love to mentor 3 GO GETTERS who are ready to make their holiday season a little JOLLIER!

Is that you?

Let’s connect!

Fill out this application to be considered for 1 of my 1:1 private mentorship spots.

**Note you cannot already currently be a coach. This is for new coaches that join my team only!


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