The Sidehustle That Brought Me Back to Life

I can look back at the day I turned 30 and remember thinking, this can’t be as good as it gets.


And let me tell you, it is REALLY hard to look at yourself, living a happy life that turned out EXACTLY how you’d hoped and dreamed, and feel like something just wasn’t quite right. But that was the reality I was facing just a few short years ago.

We lived in our dream house, in our dream neighbourhood, I had built a well established real estate career, and we had two adorable little boys. There was no reason to feel unsatisfied, or lost, if you looked at things from the outside. But from the INSIDE, there was plenty of other stuff going on.

The real estate career I had worked hard to build had spiked my anxiety to levels I’d never lived with long term before, one of our sons became chronically ill and a non-stop parade of doctors’ appointments and stress ensued.

I was eating my feelings thanks to a lack of routine and being on the road for showings and appointments. When I WAS home, I couldn’t focus for all of the dings of notifications of texts and emails with clients wanting and needing my attention right then and there for the latest property that had come on the market.

I couldn’t get through bedtime, or bath time without an interruption, I scrambled for child care constantly, and I felt an immense sense of guilt when I got called away, especially when the boys were sick.

On a rare day that I had no showings or appointments scheduled I still felt anxious as I waited to be called away last minute and have the cycle of panic to find a sitter, get to where I needed to be, coordinate times between agents and my clients and be prepared to draw up paperwork again.

I couldn’t really focus no matter where I was, and I had zero energy to even play with my boys thanks to the extra 50lbs I had packed on from stress. Sadly, I had gotten used to just feeling like garbage. I felt like I wasn’t my best self in ANY aspect of my life. And it pained me.

Somewhere along the way I decided enough was enough in the weight gain department. I knew it wasn’t ok to feel terrible all of the time, and want to nap every day, and to constantly be hitting the drive through, but I had no clue where to start. Or how to correct the habits that had been years in the making!

And then one day I saw another busy mom, who also worked full time, post online about working out from home.

The idea of exercise alone terrified me. I didn’t want to beat my body up, or restrict myself like crazy to lose weight. I was in terrible shape and I couldn’t imagine how long it would take me to actually see progress.  A small part of me also couldn’t help thinking: is this just another gimmick?!

Desperate for change though, and just plain ready to create a better, healthier, happier me, I reached out to that mom who had posted and she told me about a 3 week home workout program I could try that I could still have chocolate and wine on, but that would reset a lot of the unhealthy habits  I had built over the previous 5 or so years.

I made the decision to invest in my health for the first time in my life. And I got to work.

I ended up finding the program much simpler than I had ever imagined. And I found myself much more capable than I had ever thought! In just 3 weeks I built a foundation for the new version of me.

(right) my real estate head shots before I started my fitness journey


I noticed changes in my patience, and my confidence. My gut health felt better thanks to the chocolate smoothies I was drinking, my energy went through the roof, I made new friendships with coaches and my fellow challengers, and I felt so. much. better.

I wanted to shout it to the rooftops…and at the same time I couldn’t believe EVERYONE didn’t know about this. How simple it was. How well it worked with a busy lifestyle. How quickly things started to shift. How EMPOWERING this tribe of women supporting women truly was!

Now that I was out of the fog of every day life, I looked around and saw dozens of other moms who also seemed tired, overwhelmed, lacking confidence, and I knew at that moment it had become my responsibility to share this incredible experience with them.

I decided to take on the #sidehustle of being a fitness coach: with no fitness or nutrition background, still needing to lose quite a bit of weight, and in the busiest season of my life thanks to my career, my husband’s shift work and our small kids.

I was mortified to share my before photos and even talk about my life on social media ( I was such a private person, a huge introvert), the idea of promoting myself or sharing my story went against every fiber in my being, and yet SOMETHING pulled me to do it anyways. To step outside of that comfort zone. To share the gift of better health, support and accountability and this tribe mentality that went along with it. I wanted EVERYONE to feel AMAZING again !! We deserved it!!

I had no lofty goals when I started fitness coaching. I told myself if I could help even one burnt out, over stressed woman make a change in her life the way I had, then I’d consider it a success. If I made a little extra money on the side, that was a bonus, but the truth was, I loved it so much I would’ve done it for free!

My coaching business started out small, but I built my own little community of incredible women, growing larger, month by month, motivating me to continue on my own journey long after I would’ve probably stuck to it on my own!

Friendships grew, starting online, and then evolving in person in some cases thanks to events and conferences! Suddenly this disconnect and isolation I had thought was just part of being a career woman, and a mom was bridged by new friendships, daily support and love from women all around the world who were a part of my ‘ fit family’!

Transformations from some of the women I’ve coached

Some of the hardest years of my marriage and parenting have happened while I’ve been a coach, but it feels like the opposite. It feels like it didn’t matter, because I could get through it with this strong tribe of women I had met, all because of online fitness and putting my story out there!

Through sharing my story day to day on social media I also fell back in love with writing and photography and my creative side! I started to document my life instead of dreading it. I found gratitude and peace in the smallest, simplest parts of my day and I began reading and listening to powerful, inspiring men and women speak about things that made me want to be an even better person on the inside.

My relationship with my husband improved, I became more active and involved with my kids, I was better able to manage my anxiety and work stress, and I could be strong for my son and our family as we navigated through his health issues.

All of THIS, just because I fell in love with home fitness and had to share that newfound passion with the world!

As I stayed dedicated to my own health journey and leaned on my beautiful tribe of amazing women, I began to grow a team of other leaders who wanted to share this passion and my business grew even more.  It became very clear that helping people this way made my heart so happy.

Some of the beautiful souls in my extended fit family

After one particularly stressful trip away to Disney World (our favourite place on earth and what should’ve been the most MAGICAL experience ever with two young kids) I came to a crossroads.

I was getting phone calls from other realtors and clients while we were trying to enjoy the Magic Kingdom with our kids, I spent the last day of our trip typing up offers to send back home and 1/2 of my vacation was spent with me on the phone and on email dealing with little real estate crises. And I was doing this in between pain and fever episodes our son was having.

This was once again, not the life I had imagined for our family.

So as we made the road trip home that year I said tentatively to my husband, ” what do you think about me leaving real estate and focusing on our family and coaching?”

His response: “it’s about time !”

Right that moment I made a goal to give myself one year to close up shop on real estate, get my current clients settled and shift my focus to my little family and the coaching business I loved so much.

And that’s what I did.

I worked my butt off that year. Earning more than I had ever earned with real estate, putting extra hours into coaching, working around my husband’s 12 hour shifts, juggling sports and specialist appointments and when I got to the end of 2017 I knew I HAD TO MAKE THE JUMP.

It was terrifying, but I had learned that anything that made me THAT nervous, was EXACTLY what I needed to do to grow and improve. And I haven’t looked back.

I’ve helped hundreds of women get their lives back. Reclaim their health. Feel sexy and confident again. Find joy in their daily lives, and even start a little side hustle of their own. And even though many of them tell me I saved them and helped them find themselves again, it was truly me who benefited.

I got to rediscover that girl inside me who had dreamed and hoped and had so much passion many, many years before, and now that I’ve found her again, I’m never letting her go.


Maybe my story spoke to you…maybe you’re looking to build a little side hustle of your own!

If you’re looking to turn your passion into purpose, we need to chat! Email me at with the subject line ‘passion and purpose’ so you can check out our free coaching webinar to get all the details! The worst that can happen : you’ll get in amazing shape and inspire others to do the same 😉

Can’t wait to chat

xo Lindsay

How These 2 things Can Help You Lose Weight

So the past couple of weeks have been a MASSIVE learning experience for me when it comes to the scale.

Ever since I can remember as an adult, the scale has NOT been my friend…terms like ‘big boned’, ‘more muscle mass’ etc have always been tossed around. Even though I barely cracked 5 ft 3 inches on the measuring tape ( and hit that at 12 years old lol) I was always MUCH heavier than most BMI or other charts on what my IDEAL weight should be.

As an athlete in my teens and early 20s this didn’t really bug me…I was fit. I was active. I could eat whatever I wanted for the most part. But even at my thinnest I never got below 145lbs…

And then I had kids. Lol. I feel like so many women’s health stories begin with “and then I had kids”… 😉

Because as beautiful as the miracle of pregnancy is, it stretches, shifts and puts our bodies through the ringer. During pregnancy was the first time I had to weigh myself regularly. Every doctor’s appointment, every month, and then every two weeks and then every week… and inevitably the scale went up because I WAS GROWING A HUMAN! lol Really in hindsight, what a terrible time to start developing a relationship with the scale!

The only time I LIKED the scale was right after birth when I lost 16lbs magically overnight (lol)!

But two pregnancies later (and my babies were BIG BOYS) and I actually managed to lose the weight within 7lbs of before I had my first son. And I felt good, even though according to charts and so on, I was ‘overweight’!


It was at that point I stopped ‘believing’ in the scale… and I stopped going on it unless I had to. We broke up indefinitely lol

And because I refused to use it as a tool, and I figured it had some sort of personal vendetta against me, it became my enemy. And life took over. And work stress. A sick child. Regular marriage struggles and house moves and on and on and I began to spiral into massive weight gain. I didn’t know how to stop it and I was fearful of what that meant for me and my future health. My anxiety was through the roof. My energy was non-existent 😦


And I knew regardless of my relationship with the scale, SOMETHING had to change…and I need to put some effort into being HEALTHIER, even if it meant the scale didn’t go down.

So I learned about portion control. I started to workout from home (which was tremendous for my inner athlete that had been misplaced by motherhood). I felt my anxiety levels go down thanks to the endorphins. And I saw my body reshape. Inches were being lost. So many inches. But the scale…the scale never really wanted to move.

I learned to get over my disappointment with the scale not moving when I saw myself going down from size 16 in a dress to size 8. But secretly I still felt like the scale was a little evil!

Enter the new nutrition workshop I’ve been doing for the past couple of months.

The one that is teaching me how to OVERCOME my emotional eating habits. Teaching me how to FUEL my body, to make sure it’s hydrated, and not hungry, or feeling deprived! And what I think is the secret ingredient : more veggies!

Yep, plants for the win! lol

Veggies are the ONLY food you can eat more and more of and lose more and more weight! They are usually low in calories, high in water, keep you full and help with your digestion! And it turns out, there’s a lot of AMAZING ways to prep them (yes, I said it–a staunch lover of carbs and chocolate, non-fan of salads)

From turnip fries, to overloaded salads, to veggie noodles, to bell pepper nachos to stir fry–I’ve been trying them all. And I have been LOVING IT!

But wait, get this: the SCALE HAS BEEN GOING DOWN!

Yep, 10lbs in two weeks…what used to take me months of intense workouts and some serious dietary restrictions, has been coming off thanks to this new way of eating! Me: the ‘big boned’ girl lol

My body apparently responds really well to vegetables and common sense lol Go figure !


So if you’ve been struggling like I was, maybe it’s time to stop living in the mindset of restriction, deprivation and disappointment!

Email me at and we can chat about the nutrition workshop I’ve been doing and now mentoring in! Losing weight can FINALLY be done happily and healthily…and best of all : FOR LIFE!

Chat soon xo Lindsay

Change Your MIND, then your body

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’d like to lose weight, but you hate to exercise or just don’t have time!
  • You’re with me on the emotional eating struggle, and you’d like to break free
  • You workout really hard but struggle with nutrition so you never really see the results you crave?
  • You love food and love to eat
  • Are sick and tired of trying ALL the diets and not following through
  • Don’t do well cutting out food groups, putting foods off limits, and actually want to eat cake on your birthday and not feel guilty?
  • Can’t be bothered to count calories, macros, containers, etc
  • Cannot exercise due to injury/illness but still want to lose weight
  • Are overwhelmed with knowing what to eat or how to eat or what diet to follow?

A LOT of these are things I struggled with myself! I used to constantly be on the SEARCH for the perfect diet… the one that would finally get me over the plateau I had hit in my weight loss journey!

Each time I started a new meal plan I always had the best intentions! I’d prep for Monday, I’d be committed and then life would happen. Whether it was stress, or an unexpected outing, or some kind of scheduling curve ball, I’d end up off track, emotionally eating, and feeling a huge amount of guilt as the cycle of sabotage continued.

If you can relate, I have to share this!

I’m so freaking excited that after MONTHS of anticipation I’m FINALLY  able to share what my company has been up to and what I’ve been working away at!

After years of producing top of the line home fitness programs and specialized meal plans, they have partnered with one of the most incredible registered dietitians and as a result, for the very first time ever I’m able to offer NUTRITION exclusive coaching!!

Now this isn’t your typical nutrition plan. There are no diets. No restrictions. No calorie counting.

We’re going to teach you how to eat FOR LIFE instead of teaching you another diet to struggle with.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it ? I’ll admit I was a skeptic too, but that was before I tried it out for myself

Introducing…2B Mindset, a weight loss program created by Ilana Mulhstein. Not only is Ilana a food and weight loss expert, registered dietitian and nutritionist, but she herself has lost 100lbs and been able to keep it off!

Through her own success and trial and error, and the success she’s had with thousands of clients across the United States, she’ll be teaching us the same principles she used to lose her own weight and show others how to do the same!

This program will completely change your mindset about food, your body, losing weight and the scale. Instead of diets that focus on what you CAN’T eat, this simple and easy approach will have you focused on what you CAN eat so you feel full, satisfied, and in control without ever counting calories or points or measuring food!!

You’ll learn Ilana’s favourite tips, tools and strategies to achieve your weight loss goals, while still living life to the fullest!

My favourite part of this program is that it doesn’t require counting points, calories, macros, or containers and NO food groups are off limits!! Exercise is not required to complete the program. It is ENTIRELY optional, and you can still see amazing results without it !!

How is this program different from other diet plans?

Most diets require deprivation and restrictions, but the 2B Mindset will show you how to get to, and maintain your ideal weight, while eating foods you actually enjoy! You’ll always feel full and satisfied–and HAPPY!

It’s also super simple to follow:

  • No counting calories, no measuring food, and no using food containers
  • No cutting out food groups
  • No deprivation or feeling hungry
  • Ability to follow the program even when you are at a restaurant, a party, or on vacation! We’ll teach you how!
  • Improved results as you learn the program better

What will I learn?

You’ll learn all about nutrition, the purpose of different food groups, and how to enjoy them for maximal weight loss. You’ll also understand the different types of hunger and cravings and coping strategies when each one occurs! Once you master the 2B mindset, it’s yours for life! Losing the weight and keeping it off will become second nature–it will be your new reality–and food will forever remain an enjoyable part of your life!

What will I gain access to?

You’ll get complete access to all of the 2B Mindset videos, along with a tracker, recipe guide, getting started guide, and exclusive water bottle!

In addition, you’ll be invited to join our online success group to go through the program together. You’ll have support throughout the program and be able to ask questions, share struggles, stay motivated, and get guidance in a supportive community environment regardless of where you live!

We’ll also be meeting weekly for a live video call to get all of your questions answered along with additional coaching and support!

If you’d like to reserve your spot please message me ASAP with the subject line 2B

How can I join?

You have two different package options to join with, depending on your goals and budget. Both will get you access into our online accountability group, along with me as your personal coach throughout the program!

Nutrition Bundle

  • Streaming access to all of the 2B Mindset videos. 21 short videos that teach the basic principles of the program, including how to understand food groups, what to eat and whenIlana’s proven secrets to a positive mindset, plus real life strategies for managing any eating situation (ie. eating out at restaurants, while on a trip, for vegans, vegetarians, etc).
  • 5 videos that help address the most common challenges to losing weight and establishing a healthier relationship with food. This is the GAME CHANGER!
  • 15 recipe videos where you’ll learn how to make time saving, delicious and satisfying meals
  • the 2B mindset Getting Started Guide
  • the 2B Mindset Go to Guide. This includes grocery lists, food lists and more !
  • Recipe Book with some of Ilana’s favourite quick and easy recipes.
  • 90 Day tracker journal 
  • Exclusive 2B Mindset water bottle with some of Ilana’s favourite sayings on it to remind you of her best tips for success!
  • Starting on June 4th, access to the videos and tracking via the Beachbody Nutrition+app. You’ll be able to view all of the 2B videos and program materials, and will also be able to track your meals and your progress, right on your mobile device (iOS only)
  • 30 day supply of Shakeology a clean ingredient superfoods smoothie base that will help you take the thinking out of 30 of your meals !
  • Shakeology shaker cup for meals on the go

Prices vary based on location (USA, Canada and the UK)

Nutrition and Fitness Bundle

  • Streaming access to all of the 2B Mindset videos
  • 2B mindset Getting Started Guide
  • 2B mindset Go-to Guide
  • Recipe Book with some of Ilana’s favourite recipes
  • 90 day tracker journal
  • The 2B mindset exclusive water bottle
  • Starting June 4th, access to the videos and tracking via the Beachbody Nutrition+App 
  • 30 day supply of the superfoods filled Shakeology
  • Streaming access to Beachbody on Demand, the world’s leading digital fitness library with over 400+ workouts streaming from cardio to yoga, to kickboxing, to dance, to bootcamp and more!


ARE YOU IN?! Please send me an EMAIL to ASAP to reserve your spot in our group and take advantage of the current promotions!